Saturday, January 21, 2012

Actor No Min Woo speaks out about his role on “The Seven Of Us”

SBS have another hit on their hands with the controversial drama “The Seven Of Us” debuting to an impressive 13% nationwide viewership rating, despite its late time slot & lack of traditional promotion due to regulations set up by the Ministry Of Gender Equality And Families. 

Critics have been quick to single out first time actor Lee Hyuk for his touching & emotional portrayal of a man on the brink and Jessica Jiyeon for her unique take on a victim of a devastating assault, but all eyes were on 25 year old No Min Woo during the 2nd episode wherein his character was discriminated against, attacked, & fired after he was arrested during a raid on a gay club.

“I wanted to take challenging roles.” Min Woo told AKF “I didn’t want my exit from TRAX to be in vain.”

“Oh I read the book! I was a fan of the book.” he chuckled “I knew I was taking a major risk by accepting this role. I mean, I’m not homophobic. I’m 100% comfortable with who I am but, sadly, we live in a homophobic society.”

“I’ve heard of people taking on gay or lesbian roles and getting so deep into the character that they become depressed and begin to question themselves. I have an amazing support group in my castmates, so if I ever start to doubt myself I easily find strength in them.”

“LGBT storylines in South Korea are usually played for farce or parody. I wanted to make Timothy as normal as anyone on the street. I took inspiration from series like “HYENA” & “Life Is Beautiful”, as well as KBS' “The Daughters of Club Bilitis” that aired last year. All of them gave unflinching insight into real individuals & relationships that just so happened to be gay & lesbian." 

"I think SBS are so much more progressive than KBS. They've allowed us to craft something human & beautiful. I would hope they wouldn't feel pressured by negativity & bend. SBS are more concerned with producing quality programming vs. lining their pockets.”

Actor Yoon Yun Suk
When asked about his upcoming storyline involving an open relationship with café owner Jun Won - played by Yoon Yun Suk - he had this to say:

“Yun Suk hyung…what can I say about him?” he laughed, flashing his perfectly white smile “The producers made us go on a sort of date once we were cast! We went out for sushi and a movie then ended up playing Elder Scrolls V the rest of the night! We became fast friends, so I hope the romantic scenes reflect our friendship well.” 

Netizens left their thoughts on Min Woo’s confessions - both positive: 

“I’m loving The Seven Of Us already! So much better than the lame, clichéd, cutesy dramas they usually show on TV.”, “It’s great to have an actor that’s so open-minded and willing to take on less conventional roles. Maybe a role like this will change the hearts of homophobes. I doubt it, but I’m hopeful”, “I love the way the family supports him no matter what. My brother actually came out to me after we watched episode two together. I couldn’t imagine not loving my brother! Min Woo is an inspiration whether he knows it or not.”

and negative:

“Min Woo oppa is a great actor but I believe that being gay is a sin against God. Time will tell if he’s able to still have a career in Korea after this role poisons him in the eyes of the public”, “I HATE FAGS!!! All faggots will burn in hell”, “I love all the characters except for Timothy. I’m not homophobic at all. I have like 3 gay guys in my school! But this is South Korea, not America…what were they expecting? Tolerance? Acceptance?” 

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